4 ways to build online customer loyalty for your restaurant

Customer loyalty is what every restaurant is looking for. It’s thanks to loyal customers that you make money. They are your best marketing tool. They are the one you can learn for. Said differently, a 5% increase in customer retention can lead to a 100% increase in profit. 

That said, with the mind-blowing growth of food online ordering mainly driven by food portals. It has become increasingly difficult for restaurants to build loyalty among customers who are always one-click away from an attractive competitor offer.

So here are 4 tips to create loyalty among your customers:

Identify them

It seems obvious but it’s easy to lose track online. In your restaurant, you will end up recognizing the face, engage in a personal relationship and make your customer feel special. This feeling will make him come back again and again and talk about you to everybody he knows around. Online the same customer can order multiple times from you and you will not notice. So make sure, you’re using a system that informs you when you receive an order from a repeat customer so you can know and decide what to do next.

ChatFood live customer insights
ChatFood live customer insights

Make them feel special 

When loyal customers enter your restaurant. They expect you to behave slightly differently than a first time customer. They expect you to remember their favorite table spot or their ordering habits. How can you do the same online to boost customer loyalty?

You can use a chatbot on your website or on Facebook Messenger that will analyze and remember every one of your customer special need and adapts its answers automatically.

Please see below an example that asked for Gluten Free options on her first order:

Personalisation with a ChatBot
Personalisation with a ChatBot

Remind them 

Yes, they love your restaurant. They love your food… but as all the great things in life sometimes you just forget. When you want to play the online game, you also need to use the online strategies. Re-engagement campaigns and re-targeting campaigns that every restaurant trying to grow its online business and customer loyalty should use.

You can, for instance, filter your users who didn’t order for a month and send them an email or message on WhatsApp / Facebook Messenger to remind them you exist.

Messaging apps for that purpose are particularly powerful with open rates close to 90% vs 15%-20% for email.

Reward them

It seems the most obvious but only 35% actually have a loyalty and referral program in place. Your customers will want to order directly from you if they know they can cumulate points for a discount or special offers later. Make sure your program is easy to understand and easy to redeem.

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